Monday, May 17, 2010

Squeetles and Bothers

I don't think I've mentioned this before but my kids are awesome. They are mind-bendingly adorable. Lengthy exposure to their cuteness can cause mild brain damage - I mean, why else have I become so forgetful since their birth?

My four-year old, Benjamin, told me all about "Squeetles" the other night as I was getting him into his pajamas. He told me that he didn't like Squeetles because they scratch him. Naturally, I was a little concerned and asked him to tell me more.

"They're brown and blue and black and red!"

My goodness. Anything else?

"They're big big BIG! An' they have tails an' horns an' fur an' scales!"

He looked at me incredulously when I asked if they have wings.

"No. Silly mama!"

Squeetles have been popping up all over the place since then. When we go outside to play, Benjamin makes sure to tell his little brother to be careful of the Squeetles. But Squeetles aren't the only things we have to worry about, it seems. On Saturday, he told me that we also have to be careful of the "Bothers" that live in the woods. He seems to be slightly more frightened of Bothers than he is of Squeetles. Bothers jump out of trees and roar. I'm not sure what else they do, but I will do some research and try to come up with a more detailed picture of these dreaded beasts.

Anyone else think there might be a children's book in the making here? This is how "Axe Cop" got started, after all.

** I received some more information about Bothers. They do NOT live in trees, they live in bushes. They are also quite big and they have two heads. They are like the Squeetles in that they have "tails an' horns an' fur an' scales." They also have gigantic claws. Ben's world is full of monsters but thank goodness these fiends are no match for mommy's/daddy's growly voice and the threat of a spanking.

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