Friday, November 13, 2009

Simmer down, now...

I've been feeling hopeless lately and I think that's a pretty dangerous way to feel. It's just too easy to let myself start slipping down that aggravating slope when I watch/read the news, catch snippets of conversations, serf the endless tubes of the internets, etc. I need to take a moment, breathe deep, and take stock of what's good right now. Even if it's the small stuff. So here we go:

That first sip of coffee in the morning, provided it's coffee done right. Not weak or too bitter, sweetened just so, with enough cream or milk - the kind of sip that makes you close your eyes involuntarily and sigh a happy little sigh. I had that kind of first sip this morning. (Note: I know real men drink their coffee black but it's important to point out that I have never in my life claimed to be a real man.)

Both my kids waking up in a good mood. It's pretty darn fabulous when they open their eyes, stare blearily at me for a moment, focus, and then smile.

Having a long-anticipated, well-written, exciting book to read. I used to read books in the way other people might stuff popcorn into their mouths during some action-packed blockbuster. I'd cram them into my head as quickly as I could get my hands on them. I read at a much slower pace now and while I might miss that old fervor, I find that I'm actually savoring the words on the page. Being able to take some time to sit down and read is a reward, a gift, something to be appreciated. And I do appreciate it.

Playing online board games with friends. (It's also important to note that I have never in my life denied being a geek. Geek love, my brothas and sistas!)

And some things that are often taken for granted by myself and so many others: having a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food when I need it. I tend to really think of these things during the colder months when I'm out walking and my thighs have turned into blocks of ice and I can no longer feel my ears. At some point, I will be entering a warm building and have a chance to thaw and get a cup of something hot to drink. Too many people don't have that option.

OKay, now I think I've inflicted enough of my personal warm fuzzies onto the blogosphere. It's only fitting, being a Missoulian, that I should end this with a little something from Bob Marley: "Everything's gonna be alright."

And it will. Right?


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Donna Summer's name in the phone book!

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